PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Following the sudden suspension of all bus service in Clatsop County in late April, Sunset Empire Transportation District resumed some services this week.

On Monday, the transportation company resumed operations for its ADA Paratransit, which services individuals with disabilities, and Dial-A-Ride, which services individuals living in underserved areas. The transit district said it is only making trips in the Astoria and Warrenton area at this time.

“This will be a reduced version of our regular Paratransit and Dial A Ride services,” said Paul Lewicki, Interim Executive Director of Sunset Empire Transportation District. “This is a vital service to many in our community, but we are moving forward very cautiously.”

The Board of Commissioners that controls the county’s bus system voted in April to stop all bus services and furlough drivers. The commission said the decision was due to financial problems.

When Sunset Empire Transportation District announced it was pausing all services indefinitely starting Saturday, April 29, the mayor of Warrenton told KOIN 6 seniors and people with disabilities were among the most impacted by the decision. During this time, Mayor Henry Balensifer said there were organizations helping elderly and disabled individuals connect with transportation to make their doctor appointments.

In the wake of the suspension, a Seaside woman who is legally blind told KOIN 6 she relies on public transportation.

“I rely on the bus to get us, to get myself to like appointments or to run errands or take my son to appointments and different things that we need to be at,” said Kindwyn Hoge. “Then there’s people that rely on it for their jobs, you know, they can’t go to their jobs because there’s no bus service to get them there.”

Although Balensifer said the exact reasons for the suspension were unclear to him directly following the suspension, he noted reports the Sunset Empire Transportation District had experienced some shortages. He first thought the shortages were due to “perfunctory issues that would be addressed by dealing with a few bureaucratic signatures” but said he later learned the state failed to release funds without an audit leading to the indefinite suspension.

State Senator Suzanne Weber said she met with Gov. Kotek’s office on May 1 to discuss using state funds to get busses back up and running.