St. Helens Twilight house now an Airbnb


The house from the Twilight movies is now up for nightly rental

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Twilight house in St. Helens is now available for nightly rental, July 26, 2019 (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As Dean and Amber Neufeld will tell you from the living room of the house Bella Swan called home — their purchase of the Swan House featured in Twilight was not entirely planned.

“This popped up in a search and my wife, who was a Twilight fan, had been to this property before said ‘I know that house,'” said Dean. “We said we should go see inside and we had our realtor arrange a showing.”

What they found when they saw it was lots of nostalgia for a movie Amber loved — and what they’ve turned it into in the ten months since they bought it is an Airbnb vacation rental that has attracted Twilight fans from around the world who just want to be part of the experience of a movie they have grown to love. 

A notice posted outside the Twilight house. July 26, 2019 (KOIN)

“To be able to walk onto and live in a movie set for a short time I don’t know anywhere else you can really do that,” he said.

They’ve tried to keep the house as original to the movie as possible.  Bella Swan’s room is the must-sleep-in upstairs bedroom. The kitchen appliances are the ones that were in the movie. Fans have even left gifts to fill in some of the built-ins.

“It’s very important for us that we do not change it from how it looked in the movie. We want people who come here to see the kitchen they expect — not a modern sleek sexy kitchen it should look like what it looked like in film its been immortalized in its history now and we want to preserve the history,” he said.

Even the dining room is almost exactly as it was during the filming of the movie. 

The dining room table is the same at the one during the filming of the Twilight movies. July 26, 2019 (KOIN)

“It’s the actual dining room table. We did make a custom cover for it but underneath this is the dining room table where Charlie can be seen cleaning his shotgun — this is the table they actually sat at and we actually had superfans who went back and looked at stills of the movie  and matched the wood grain and actually identified that this was the chair that charlie sat in,” he said.

Its a vacation rental that comes with a Twilight guide book on the living room table — with a detailed map of how to get to places where parts of the movie were filmed. A Twilight lover’s dream is now available for nightly rental in St. Helens.

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