Cadaver dogs find 50 bones near 1978 body site in Union County

A police sketch of the Finley Creek Jane Doe from 2020 (OSP)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon State Police are continuing the search for the identity of a woman whose body was found in 1978.

Forty-four years ago, the body of a young woman was found outside of LaGrande and the case has remained open to this day.

On Aug. 16 and 17, 2022, OSP Forensic Service Division, State Medical Examiner’s Office Forensic Anthropologist, State Police Major Crimes Detectives and Members of the Union County Search and Rescue team performed an operation on a property in Union County.

Cadaver dogs brought in by the Finley Creek Jane Doe Task Force showed an interest in the area near where the woman was found in 1978.

Union County Search and Rescue searched three acres around the area where the body was found and the other areas that the dogs were interested in.

The Search and Rescue team reportedly found over 50 bones. When examined by the State Medical Examiner’s Forensic Anthropologist, they said that none of the bones are human in origin.

Bones recovered near the burial site of the Finley Creek Jane Doe (OSP)

The teams allegedly also searched through the soil at the original burial site, as well as two other sites of interest, using screens to sift through the material to find even tiny bone fragments, but according to OSP, it didn’t turn up any evidence.

According to OSP, the case is going to remain open, and officials are going to stay in contact with interested parties.

If you think you might have information about this case, Police ask that you call the OSP Dispatch at 800-442-0776 and reference case #SP78-752103