PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Airbnb released its 2022 list of 30 hosts under age 30 and the owner of a property in Klamath Falls was among those recognized. 

Anthony Lozzetti, 27, has put a lot of work into perfecting his rental residence in Southern Oregon and making it a welcoming, safe place for guests to stay. 

The cozy home with mountain views has a 4.91-star rating on Airbnb and is located about an hour away from Crater Lake. 

Lozzetti said he knew his vacation home often received great reviews from the people who stayed in it. But he was still surprised when he received an email from Airbnb informing him he’d made their list. 

“At first I’m like, ‘Is this real? Is this fake?’ And I’m looking at it and I’m like, ‘It says airbnb.com. It’s legit! What? No way!’” Lozzetti said, describing the moment when reality set in. “I was super excited about it.” 

Lozzetti said his family’s business involves real estate and remodeling homes. The company owned the property in Klamath Falls and Lozzetti had been working to remodel the home and get it ready to sell. During the remodel, he lived in Southern California and commuted back and forth to Oregon.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the home fell out of escrow and Lozzetti came up with a new plan. He wanted to turn it into an Airbnb. 

His inspiration came from his own travels. After high school, Lozzetti said he moved to China and lived there for 5 years. His visa required him to leave the country every few months, so he found himself traveling to places like South Korea and Singapore. During those trips, he stayed in Airbnbs and thought being a host would be something he’d enjoy in the future. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the opportunity had presented itself. 

Lozzetti started by furnishing and decorating the lower unit in the home, which was smaller. When that turned out well, he decided to do the same to the upstairs level, ultimately creating two separate spaces people could rent. 

The upstairs unit is designed with a more traditional, European look and the downstairs is more contemporary. 

“I like the different feels that each one offers. It’s kind of nice to be able to express yourself artistically through the interior designs of the property,” Lozzetti said. 

He said the key to getting five-star reviews is to make sure an Airbnb is safe, clean and comfortable. He said as a host, he’s found it’s important to be genuine and to provide quick responses whenever his guests need anything. 

So far, these two units on the property in Klamath Falls are the only Airbnbs Lozzetti owns, but he’d like to invest in more in the future. He said this property has been a “lifeline” for him and has helped support him financially during the pandemic. 

Both the Crater Lake Getaway – Home Suite Home and the Crater lake Getaway – Guest Suite are available to book on airbnb.com

Lozzetti grew up in Southern California, but moved to Klamath Falls full-time in 2019. He lives a short distance from the Airbnb. Although his family is from Southern California, they have owned properties in the Klamath Falls area throughout the last 10-15 years. They’ve also remodeled a home in Medford. 

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated Lozzetti currently lives in Southern California. It has been corrected to state he moved to Klamath Falls in 2019.