PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Coming out of the pandemic, TriMet says ridership has changed drastically and is rolling out a new plan to adapt.

TriMet’s Forward Together plan would add bus routes to low-income neighborhoods while cutting routes in other areas.

The concept would adjust services on more than 80% of bus lines — including changes in route, frequency or hours of service.

Officials with TriMet say with this potential change, they are looking to add 30% more bus services in other areas, but in order to do so they need more drivers.

“This is dependent on our operators though and we are currently hiring –making headway on our operator shortage,” said Trimet spokesperson Roberta Alstadt. “But it is going to be something we would roll out over several years just because we do need to build up our operator ranks.”  

TriMet says the plan is still in its draft phase and is holding open houses throughout October to hear from the community about how it can better serve riders. Community members can also fill out a survey on TriMet’s website.