PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Despite the metro area enjoying temperatures in the 60s recently, Portland’s Bureau of Transportation is already preparing for the winter weather.

Throughout Thursday, PBOT has plans to take the chains off its snow plows and make some dry runs before winter actually arrives.

Portland experienced a wild winter last year, so PBOT workers are being extra careful with their preparation.

PBOT’s Dylan Rivera said, “We want to make sure that all of our equipment is operational, functioning. We don’t want to think, we want to know.”

Turn signals, lights, hydraulics and even the plow itself are all under inspection.

“We want to see it working,” Rivera said. “That way, we can diagnose things before we get into a storm situation.”

Once the plows have been properly inspected and given the green light, the drivers plan to take a lap on their plow routes — so they’ll have a feel of what to expect once any snow does arrive.

Although winter may be a few months away, it’s a good time for everyone to prepare for the cold weather. One way to practice is by putting chains on your car tires, according to PBOT.

“Go to a safe spot, a parking lot, a driveway and practice putting them on and rolling forward. Get to know what that’s like,” Rivera said.

PBOT also suggests to pack an emergency kit and have an emergency plan as bad weather can cause serious damage if you’re not prepared.