PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Leading up to the November general election, ODOT is warning campaigners that political signs are prohibited from all publicly owned spaces along Oregon’s state highways. This includes trees, utility poles, fence posts and all other natural features.

Political signs placed in the highway “right-of-way” will be confiscated and held at the nearest ODOT maintenance office. Once confiscated, campaigners have 30 days to reclaim their improperly placed signage.

“Every election season, we receive complaints from the public and from candidates regarding the improper placement of political signs on the state highway rights-of-way, where only official traffic control devices are allowed,” ODOT stated. “Improperly placed signs can distract drivers and block road safety messages.”

Political signs are still permitted on private highway-facing property, as long as the signs are no larger than 12 square feet (without size variance approval), do not have flashing or blinking lights, have no animated or moving parts, do not imitate highway signs or signals, and are not located in scenic corridors

Signage placement is also subject to regulations set by local municipalities.