PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Some Multnomah County voters were surprised when they attempted to track their ballot electronically on the Multnomah County Elections website. 

That’s because those voters used an all-lowercase version of the short link issued by Multnomah County instead of the version that uses both upper and lowercase letters.

Currently, if voters use the all-lowercase version of the link — bit.ly/MultCoTrackYourBallot — they will now see a message that the page is no longer available. Previously, visitors were redirected to a site not affiliated with Multnomah County. 

Multnomah County voters who wish to track their ballot should continue to use the link in upper and lower case as it is printed: bit.ly/MultCoTrackYourBallot or scan the QR code on the flier to properly sign up for the service.