PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Democratic candidate for Oregon governor Tina Kotek joined gun violence prevention advocates ahead of Saturday’s March for Our Lives events across the country.

Joined by students, teachers and parents on Friday, Kotek pushed for more gun control in Oregon. Kotek says she wants to see more regulation.

“We have to regulate ghost guns,” Kotek said. “We have to make sure if you’re convicted of a hate crime, that it’s not easy to get a gun. And I think someone shouldn’t have access to an assault rifle until they’re 21 years of age.”

KOIN 6 News then pointed out these are changes lawmakers would be responsible for — and asked what she would do if elected as the next governor of Oregon.

“I will work with lawmakers to increase the common-sense measures that we need to have,” Kotek responded. “But a governor has to sign the legislation… I don’t trust that Betsy Johnson or Christine Drazan as our next governor would support those measures.”

KOIN 6 reached out to both Drazan, the Republican candidate, and Betsy Johnson, who’s running unaffiliated.

Drazan has not yet responded. Johnson, however, issued a somewhat surprising statement that slightly varied from the way she’s spoken about gun control in the past.

“We need to do more to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them,” Johnson’s statement read. “I will lead for a stronger background check and to raise the age to buy certain guns to 21. We also need to fix our broken mental health system, improve the safety of local schools and stop coddling criminals.

“We need practical ideas that can unite us not more extreme ideas that divide us.”