PORTLAND. Ore. (KOIN) — After a turbulent start, the 118th Congress has selected members for the different house committees, with multiple Oregon representatives making appearances in the selections.

Lori Chavez-DeRemer, the newest representative for Oregon’s Fifth District, announced that she would be serving on the House Committees for Transportation and Infrastructure, Education and the Workforce and Agriculture.

In an interview with KOIN 6 News, Chavez-DeRemer shared that she is excited to be on the committees particularly working on transportation, which she pointed out is a huge problem in Clackamas County right now.

“In Clackamas County, we’re going to be talking about transportation issues, infrastructure, tolling, etc…,” Deremer said. “I wanted to make sure I have my eyes and ears on the ground in that space.”

She also shared that in particular she is strongly opposed to tolling along Interstate 5 and Interstate 205, and won’t be supporting it.

From Oregon’s Sixth District, Andrea Salina announced that she would be on the committees for Agriculture along with Science, Space and Technology.

When it comes to agriculture, Salinas shared with KOIN 6 News that she wanted to focus on giving a bigger voice to family farms, which are more affected by large disasters like heat waves and ice storms.

With the Science, Space and Technology Committee, she shared that in turbulent times, science and technology can be essential to help keep people grounded.

“We are living in unprecedented times but, in these times of uncertainty, science must be a grounding force,” Salinas said. “At its core, science represents opportunity: The opportunity to change lives, solve problems, and make our world a better place.”

Suzanne Bonamici, the representative for Oregon’s First District, was selected for the Education and Workforce committee.

Cliff Bentz and Val Hoyle, from Oregon’s Second and Fourth districts respectively, are both on the Natural Resources Committee.

Lastly, from Oregon’s Third District, Earl Blumenauer is on the Transportation and Infrastructure committee.

The 118th Congress is scheduled to last until Jan. 2025.