PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The lone Republican representative in Oregon says it is time to move on.

Rep. Greg Walden, who represents Oregon’s 2nd congressional district, issued a statement Wednesday following President Trump’s acquittal declaring House impeachment managers failed to ever prove the existence of any criminal offense.

“Nullifying the vote of the American people demands two things: a bipartisan and fair process to determine wrongdoing, and a criminal offense worthy of overturning the outcome of the voters’ will,” Walden said. “Neither of which has occurred.”

“Overturning the outcome of a presidential election is a big deal and should not be undertaken to settle a partisan political grudge,” said Walden. “In the end, this partisan exercise only failed the American people.”

In October of 2019, Walden announced he would not seek reelection after serving 11 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his time in office, no challenger ever garnered 40% of the vote.

Oregon’s 2nd congressional district includes 20 counties in central, southern and eastern Oregon.