PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Elizabeth Warren was the runaway favorite for president of Oregon Democratic Party activists who participated in a straw poll over the Oct. 19-20 weekend.

Warren received 140 votes, while no other presidential candidate received more than 20, according to a Straw Poll Party press release. The straw poll has been conducted since 2005. It coincided with — but was not affiliated with — the party’s biennial summit in Sunriver which was attended by hundreds of party activists, volunteers, staff, and elected officials.

“The straw poll is an opportunity for campaigns and candidates to showcase how well they can mobilize the party faithful,” said Ryan Tribbett, one of the event sponsors. “It’s far from a scientific poll, but it’s an excellent opportunity for small upstart campaigns to show off their organizing chops.”

Particpants also indicated their preference for State Rep. Jennifer Williamson to become

the next Oregon Secretary of State in the upcoming election with 105 votes, with Jamie

McLeod-Skinner earning 82 votes. They also supported Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek to be elected Governor in 2022, with State Sen. Shemia Fagan running a close second.

According to the release, Straw Poll Party organizers acknowledge that the event is held very early in the election cycle, and doesn’t necessarily reflect a true snapshot of candidate standings.

The original event was sponsored by then-Senator Ben Westlund, who was considering running for governor. Since then, it has been sponsored by various different organizations, and is now organized and managed through Oregon Democratic Straw Poll PAC, a political action committee.