PORTLAND, Ore (KOIN) — A Polk County deputy helped rescue an injured hawk on Wednesday morning.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Heston Johnson was on patrol when he noticed an injured hawk along the highway that was showing signs of a neurological issue. Deputy Jodi Whitting then responded and was able to take the hawk to Chintimini Wildlife Center, a licensed rehabilitation facility.

According to Polk County police, if an individual sees an animal that is sick or injured, they should call the Oregon Department of Wildlife, Oregon State Police or a licensed wildlife rehabilitator before attempting to aid the animal.

Deputy helps rescue injured hawk in Polk County
An injured hawk was rescued by a Polk County deputy on Wednesday. (April 6, 2022) Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

For more information about Chintimini Wildlife Center, visit their website.