Portland food truck owner eyes raising prices, cites higher costs


As wholesale food prices increase, the owner of the The Drip'N Crab considers solutions

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shermain Scott took a deep breath and described how painful it was to increase prices on customers by $3 due to wholesale food prices skyrocketing – and she might have to do it again.

Scott owns The Drip’N Crab in Southeast Portland first opened in February of this year. The food truck serves seafood boils, which are bags usually filled with jumbo shrimp or king crab legs paired with corn and sausage.

Scott told KOIN 6 News that cooking oil was $20 last February and is now $40 while crab has increased from about $10 a pound to $49 a pound depending on the type of crab.

“We try to keep up with our menu,” said Scott. “I mean, when you think about Drip’N Crab and we’re not selling crab, then what are here for?”

The owner is also strategic when it comes to shopping for food or supplies. Scott remembers shopping once a week to now shopping every other day to keep up with prices and availability on supplies.

With a pandemic, limited supplies and high prices, Scott is left to figure out her next move with multiple unknowns.

“What is mental health?” Scott asked sarcastically with a chuckle. “We just got to do what we got to do.”

Despite not knowing if prices will drop, Scott said that customers have been supportive of her increasing menu prices to get by.

The business owner has also switched from cardboard to Styrofoam containers, but she plans on switching back due to environmental concerns. Scott hopes people understand that she is making tough decisions for her business all around.

“We are struggling. I could sit here and tell you that things are doing great, and they’re okay,” she said. “We just want to thank everyone for their continued support.”

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