PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Most of the food carts at the Portland Mercado are temporarily closed after being broken into and vandalized late Sunday.

According to the website operated by the community-oriented food and retail complex at 7238 S.E. Foster Rd., 8 of the 10 carts were damaged, and 6 are unable to operate because equipment, cash and other items were stolen from them.

Total damage is estimated at $25,000, not counting the loss of sales since Monday.

“Our Mercado community is committed to stay afloat to support our families and provide food and a welcoming, inclusive space for all during the winter,” the website says. “While we are frustrated at this time, we are not giving up and we are confident that this will only make us stronger and more resilient.”

In response, Portland Mercado has set up an online donation system and is accepting contributions at the businesses that are still in operation. For more infomation, visit www.portlandmercado.org/supportmercado.

“We want to make sure that this does not defeat a small business’ chance to survive through the winter. Now more than ever your patronage matters,” the website says.The Portland Tribune is a KOIN media partner.