PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Hiring is a challenge in all industries across the country, including for the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), and those challenges are impacting the Bureau’s ability to respond in a timely matter to everything from car thefts to vandalism.

To get people’s attention, PPB says they are offering hiring bonuses, including a competitive salary and retirement. PPB is also giving new hires opportunities for promotions within the Bureau and a more balanced lifestyle with a four-day work week.

PPB currently has 777 sworn members, their lowest number since the late-80s. They also have 254 professional staff members, 21 public safety support specialists and 41 members who are in a training status.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said that the Bureau wants to bring in numerous new officers every month.

“We’ll hit kind of a flow, whether that’s a 10 people a month 12, or some number that we can, sustain and be, be happy at trying to meet the, that goal every month. And then line that up with the training down in Salem,” Lovell said. “And I think we’ll, we’ll try to grow kind of in that systemic, steady pace.”

Right now, PPB has 300 applicants. Last week, the Bureau hired back eight background investigators to vet the candidates — these hiring employees were lost in the 2020 budget cuts.

With their hiring department back to being fully staffed, PPB is hopeful that it will speed the recruiting process along.