PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A late January 2022 memo from an aide to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler suggests the creation of mass shelters staffed by the National Guard to house people forced off of city streets.

The plan from Sam Adams, the former mayor who has been working with Wheeler’s office, includes the creation of three shelters either on city land or private land claimed by eminent domain that would each shelter about 1,000 people and be staffed by National Guard members and graduate students from Portland State University.

The memo states the project, which would aim to start in June 2022 over the next three years, would “end the need for unsanctioned houseless camps in Portland.”

Adams’ suggests the city use a “phased-in” no camping approach where the city would prohibit all unsanctioned camping and remove camps that have the highest community safety impacts such as those near schools.

He also suggests leaders use available executive and/or emergency powers to end unsanctioned camping and clean up the city. He goes on to recommend the governor make a FEMA disaster request for Portland.

Read the memo below:

KOIN 6 News has reached out to city leaders on whether the plan has any support.