PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A local man has started a chain reaction of good deeds — all coming from his work to recover stolen vehicles in Portland.

KOIN 6 News reported on Nick Haas in August. He’s helped recover hundreds of stolen cars and motorcycles in Portland, mostly from encampments, then he works to get them back to their owners.

But in some cases, he says the owners don’t want them back, or never come to claim them.

Then, he heard about 10-year-old Ellie through the motorcycle community. She needed a heart transplant and he had an idea.

GoFundMe: Ellie’s Heart Transplant Journey

“I decided to take all these bikes, we went through the proper legal channels to secure all the paperwork for them,” Haas said. “We contacted owners, we got some of the stuff signed off by the owners, some of the stuff we had a towing company do the lien work for us. We got almost 50 vehicles now, I think 44 motorcycles and some vehicles have been donated, and we’re going to auction them off starting at $100 a bid.”

All the cash will go to Ellie and her family.

The auction is on Dec. 18 at Pro-Tek Automotive on Northeast Sandy Boulevard in Portland.

The viewing opens at 2 p.m. and the auction starts at 6 p.m.

And good news for Ellie, according to her GoFundMe, her transplant last month was successful, and she’s in recovery.