PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Belmont Goats have officially moved locations within a North Portland neighborhood.

The Belmont Goats, a nonprofit organization that cares for a herd of goats, has resided in various places across Portland throughout the years. But on Sunday, the nonprofit was busy moving the goats about 100 feet to their new enclosure located on the other side of the street.

Their previous spot on North Syracuse Street near the Peninsula Crossing Trail is set to become a new Safe Rest Village site.

Last month, the nonprofit said self-proclaimed anarchists intentionally released the Belmont Goats out of their pens. The suspects left a letter saying they targeted the nonprofit over nearby homeless sweeps.

The goats’ new home used to be overrun by homeless encampments, but the city recently conducted homeless sweeps there. Jessica Kurtz, co-owner of the Belmont Goats, told KOIN 6 in February that her nonprofit did not encourage the city to move the campers.

Kurtz said she sees their homeless neighbors as the bodyguards that helped save the goats when they got out.