PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A bald eagle that was found on the side of the road in Mt. Tabor Park on Feb. 18 has died after an Oregon State Police trooper attempted to rescue the sickly animal.

Oregon State Police Capt. Kyle Kennedy told KOIN 6 News the eagle likely died as a result of avian flu. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife states that a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu that was first detected in North America in 2021, continues to cause sickness and death in wild birds, including geese, shorebirds, raptors and vultures.

“Our troopers located a very sick animal in the park,” Kennedy said. “The animal passed away while we were transporting it for medical care.”

The eagle died before it could receive veterinary care. (Viewer Jason Bradley)

Portland Parks and Recreation spokesperson Mark Ross told KOIN 6 News that eagles have been known to nest in Mt. Tabor Park in the past. The ODFW said in December 2022 the virus is infecting more birds in Oregon as they migrate during the winter months.