PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — During last fall’s local elections, Portlanders voted to change the city’s form of government, and along with that change came new voting districts.

On Wednesday, the city’s Independent District Commission unanimously voted in favor of a new map that will define the voting districts for city commissioners in 2024.

The decision came down to two maps, named Alder and Maple, and after public input, those two maps were revised and finally, it came down to the Alder maps that the commission voted for.

The Alder map was voted for unanimously by the Independent District Commission on Aug. 16, 2023 (City of Portland)

The new map divides the districts into four distinct areas: one covering West and parts of Southeast Portland, another covering parts of North and Northeast Portland, a third covering a majority of Southeast Portland, and a fourth covering Portland beyond Southeast 82nd Avenue — as well as the area near Portland International Airport.

In a statement, City of Portland Chief Administrative Officer Mike Jordan congratulated the commission for coming together to help redesign the districts.

“Congratulations to the entire commission for prioritizing Portlanders in this historic process,” Jordan said. “In the coming weeks, the City of Portland Elections Office will work with our county partners to take the immediate next steps for the proper administration of district-based elections for City Council elections, and in the future, candidate and voter education.”

Based on the vote last fall, the new map had to follow specific standards, including being contiguous and compact, using existing geographic or political boundaries, being connected by transportation links, not diving communities of common interest, and being of equal population.

The final vote to officially approve the new district map is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 21 at 6 p.m.