PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Flames on the third floor of a north Portland apartment building have spurred Portland Fire & Rescue into action Thursday morning.

According to PF&R, they are responding to the apartment fire at North Williams Avenue and Northeast Sacramento Street.

The building, Unthank Plaza, is a Section 8 Apartment Community that houses apartments for lower-income seniors. So timely evacuations were priority, according to PF & R.

“It was a concern and the evacuation of victims is the most important thing to us,” said PF & R Lt. Terry Foster. “So as soon as we could isolate the fire to one room and start to search the rest of the structure, they were able to get people out pretty quick. There was one person that did have shelter in place. They made sure that their living space was safe and then they moved on to the rest of the structure and have since been able to get that person out.”

Right now, the cause of the fire as well as the scope of damage is unknown. While fire officials say a few residents are being evaluated for smoke inhalation, luckily they say no serious injuries have been reported.

KOIN 6 is on the scene, stay tuned for more info.