PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A new street sign was put up today in memory of the beloved drag queen Darcelle, also known as Walter Cole, who died Thursday night at the age of 92.

Portland resident Ryan Hashagen stood on a tricycle to install the new sign at the intersection of Northwest Davis Street and Third Avenue – which now reads “NW Darcelle XV St.”

The new sign marks the location of the iconic nightclub Darcelle’s, named after Cole’s stage name and considered a historical gem among Portland’s LGBTQ community.

Madi Carlson took to Twitter to share photos of the sign’s installment and share some Darcelle love.

“Honoring a legend with tactical urbanism,” Carlson wrote.

But the sign’s chapter may be short-lived. A Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesperson told KOIN 6 that the signs do not indicate an official name change from the city.

According to PBOT, “Darcelle was a legendary leader and cornerstone of Portland culture for decades. While we understand the good intent behind the street sign alteration, it was unauthorized and will need to be removed.”