PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The residents of Portland’s notorious Hendon house at 2723 North Houghton Street now have less than a month to vacate the property, according to a county judge on Friday.

The ruling follows a months-long investigation from KOIN 6, which exposed disturbing and dangerous behavior spilling out of the Kenton neighborhood home, including illegal drugs, assaults, theft — and even shootings.

The Hendon family has a lengthy criminal history that has led to generations of issues at the property, according to public records. Portland police deemed the property a “chronic nuisance.”

In August, one of the family members chose to take her deceased mother’s house into probate, meaning that she and her siblings will split up the assets of the property and move away.

The siblings who didn’t want to move appeared in court today to give their response. One claimed he should be able to stay because he is 100% mentally ill and 100% physically disabled, but the judge said they would have three weeks to leave.

The Portland Police Bureau told KOIN 6 they plan to increase patrols in the neighborhood during this time.

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