PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Historically confined to the parking lot behind Kells Irish Pub in Downtown, Portland’s 2023 Irish Festival is expanding to Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, where festivalgoers will have more space to take in the music, dancing, boxing, Irish food and a full bar.

Irish Fest spokesperson Allison McGillivray told KOIN 6 News that the waterfront festivities will be held under a heated, 20,000 square-foot tent on March 10 and March 11. The two-week event begins at 5 p.m. on March 10 with the Ireland vs. USA Boxing match.

Additional events will be held at Kells’ pub and brewery locations in Southwest and Northwest Portland. Event admission varies and tickets can be purchased through the Irish Fest website.

“It’s going to be a great party in Downtown Portland, befitting of the state’s largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration,” McGillivray said.

Kells Irish Festival Event Schedule

DateTimeWaterfront ParkKells on SW 2ndKells Brewpub
March 105 p.m.Ireland vs USA boxing
8:30 p.m.Live music: Bob Soper Band
March 11NoonMurray School of Irish Dance
12:30 p.m.Live music: Beglan & Murray
2 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
2:30 p.m.
4 p.m.Yeates Irish Dance Academy
4:30 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
5 p.m.An Dáire Irish Dancers
5:30 p.m.Live Music: St. James’s Gate
7 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
7:30 p.m.Live Music: Sami & The Groove
8 p.m.Live music: Cúl an tí
9:30 p.m.Live music: Coming Up Threes
March 1210 a.m.Live music: Bob Soper Band
NoonLive music: Cúl an tí
2 p.m.Live music: Beltaine
March 17NoonMurray School of Irish DanceAn Dáire Irish Dancing
12:30 p.m.Live music: Beglan & MurraySt. James’s Gate
2 p.m.Kells Pipes & DrumsMurray School of Irish Dance
2 p.m.Live music: Beltaine
2:30 p.m.Live music: Cúl an tíLive Music: Beglan & Murray
4 p.m.Murray School of Irish Dance
4 p.m.Live music: Bob Soper BandKells Pipes & Drums
4:30 p.m.Live Music: Old Yellers
6 p.m. Kells Pipes & Drums
6 p.m.Live music: Cúl an tí
6:30 p.m.Live music: Coming Up ThreesLive Music: Sami & The Groove
8 p.m.Portland Fire Pipe BandKells Pipes & Drums
8 p.m.Live Music: Old Yellers
8:30 p.m.Live music: Hans and the Wanted
10 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
10 p.m.TBA
10:30 p.m.TBA Live Music: Sami & The GrooveLive music: Coming Up Threes
March 182 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
2:30 p.m.Live music: St. James’s Gate
4:30 p.m. Live music: Cúl an tí
6 p.m.Yeates Irish Dance Academy
6:30 p.m.Live Music: Beglan & Murray
8 p.m.Kells Pipes & Drums
8:30 p.m.Live Music: Sami & The Groove
10:30 p.m.Live music: Coming Up Threes