PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, and one of Portland’s biggest Irish festivals is about to get even bigger.

Irish coffee at Paddy’s Bar & Grill (KOIN).

Paddy’s Bar & Grill in downtown hopes to reclaim a world record by putting together the largest Irish coffee ever. The 264-gallon drink will consist of 25 gallons of simple syrup, 50 gallons of Irish whiskey, 165 gallons of coffee and about 25 gallons of whip cream.

“It’s very strict,” said Paddy’s owner, Josh Johnston. “The Guinness Book of [World] Records is the gold standard out there, so we have to videotape the entire attempt, we have to have witnesses unaffiliated with us for the entire duration, we have to have a weight and measurement expert, we have to have a, because its a food item, a food safety inspector on site and the whole thing gets wrapped up with witness statements. And off we go.”

The team expects the ambitious attempt to take around 4 hours.

The bar attempted to break the record in 2011 with a 159-gallon vessel, but later learned it wasn’t successfully recorded.

Watch the full preview in the video player above.