PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Although Portland is still seeing high temperatures this autumn, it’s almost about that time for the strong fall winds to knock leaves off of the trees. That is when the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Leaf Day service will come in handy.

Every year in November and December, homeowners throughout Portland are provided free pickup services because PBOT’s standard street-cleaning equipment cannot clean up the leaves in the 52 Leaf Districts on its own.

Portlanders can find out when their district receives service here. They can also expect the 2022 Leaf Day brochure in their mailboxes by mid-October.

According to the brochure, about 5,000 tons of leaves are picked up. “All of it goes to PBOT’s Sunderland Yard facility to make high-quality compost we use for soil amendments, donations to community gardens, or to sell to the public,” it says.

To prepare for pick up in their area, residents of each Leaf District should rake up any tree leaves that they want to be removed into the street. Twigs, branches, needles, grass clippings and other debris should be disposed of in a regular yard bin.

PBOT advises people to leave one foot of space between the raked pile and the curb in case of a storm and to help the staff conducting the cleanup.

The bureau also suggests leaving space between the pile and any parked vehicle, although moving vehicles is required in each of the 52 districts. Anyone who fails to move their vehicle could be subject to an $85 citation and a $206 tow on their assigned day.

Annual leaf day service not only helps with maintaining clean and safe streets, but it clears storm drains and prevents intersections from flooding.

For locals who do not live in a Leaf District, PBOT sweeps the remaining local residential streets once each year, and the major arterial streets 3 or 4 times each year.