PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man was arrested Sunday in Washington after police said he robbed multiple people in Southwest Portland.

Police responded around 11 a.m. to the intersection of Southwest 13th Avenue and Southwest Custer Street where a woman had reported having her purse taken while waiting at a bus stop.

According to authorities, the victim said a man had pulled up in a white sedan and took the purse off her shoulder.

While taking the report, officers said they were approached by another victim who was accosted outside a grocery store by a man, who witnesses saw in a white sedan.

The second victim managed to keep her purse but officials said she was injured falling to the ground.

While the second victim’s husband came to pick her up, he reported seeing a man get out of a white sedan and approach a woman in the parking lot.

During the investigation, authorities said that one of the victims got an alert that their bank card was being used.

Officers managed to locate the suspect’s vehicle and a pursuit followed, during which police said that a purse was thrown from the white sedan, which was later returned to the first victim.

The suspect drove to Washington where officers were already waiting and authorities said he was taken into custody.

The suspect, Abdirizak Bashir Hussein, 22, currently faces no charges in Oregon, however, police said they will most likely be established during the extradition process from Washington.