PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Bob Day, the new head of the Portland Police Bureau, held his first news conference on Monday, covering multiple topics.

Day says he is well aware of the fentanyl crisis going on locally, spending some time in his first couple weeks on the job taking a closer look at what’s happening on Portland streets.

He says he appreciates Gov. Tina Kotek providing state police to help with arrests and seizing guns, drugs and drug money, but he wants officers armed with more information for when they work with the homeless, like where can they send people for addiction services, shelter beds

“We lost a family member to a fentanyl overdose a few years back. So, it’s personal in terms of its connectivity for me,” he said. “It’s definitely a priority.”

When asked about the city’s plan to enforce a daytime camping ban, Day didn’t say whether or not officers would hand out tickets to violators.

“I’m in conversation with the mayor’s office about right now. And I don’t have that directive because I don’t have that start date. And the specifics of what’s expected of me or expected of the Bureau in support of that. So all I can say right now is we’re going to have to evaluate that based upon all the other needs and demands that we have around public safety,” Day said.