PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Protestors took to the Burnside Bridge and moved into downtown Portland Tuesday morning to support teachers and their ongoing strike.

Hundreds of protestors were seen marching while officials blocked off roads, slowing traffic in the area.

The group moved their way down to the waterfront where they congregated.

Additionally, the homes of some PPS board members were vandalized — the rally on the bridge also included phone numbers of those board members on signs.

The teachers’ union turned down the latest contract offer from the school district as they continue to negotiate over pay, planning time and now, the biggest sticking point, class sizes.

PPS School Board President Gary Hollands says he was disappointed but not surprised to find the vandalism, which included his car with the word “shame” sprayed on several sides. Signs were also taped onto the vehicle, saying “fund classrooms now, give students the schools they deserve.”

At a property owned by board member Julia Brim-Edwards, vandals had sprayed graffiti on the front of the house-now covered over.

Both board members say they have filed police reports.

Meanwhile, at PPS Board Vice Chair Herman Greene’s home, protestors were on the sidewalk while Christmas music was blaring back from the home. At one point. a KOIN 6 photographer saw a woman from the home shove a protestor with a chair. The protestors left after that.

PAT released a statement about the protest on Tuesday night.

“Portland educators, families and allies will continue to peacefully protest to win a fair contract and continue to elevate the urgency of finalizing this contract to get our students and our schools the resources they need.

PAT condemns vandalism.

The PPS school board can approve the settlement their own bargaining team recommended, and end the strike in a matter of minutes to get kids back in schools next week.”