PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The City of Portland announced they will soon offer hundreds of dollars for car shares for people who sell or donate their cars.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation said starting in the fall, people can sell or donate their cars and in return receive $300 for car-sharing company Free2Move.

Dylan Rivera with PBOT said they are optimistic they will get a lot of takers.

“We think it’s just a natural fit for Northwest Portland, a place that has thousands of people living car-free or a car-light lifestyle and, apartments that were built largely for the most part before World War II, before cars even became popular,” Rivera explained.
Rivera noted the bureau hears a lot from Portlanders who want more opportunities to replace a car trip with public transit or biking. 

“In Northwest Portland, it’s one of the most walkable, bike-able neighborhoods in North America really, and has been for decades,” Rivera said.

Rivera said on top of the car share vouchers, those using the service will also get a “transportation wallet” with more than $700 for public transportation that can be used to rent bikes, scooters and ride TriMet and the Street Car.

The city rolled out the transportation wallet program five years ago to people willing to give up their residential parking permit in Northwest Portland. Since then, it has expanded to the Central Eastside Parking District. Since 2017, about 400 people have taken part in the Wallet Transportation program.

Thomas Manthey, who KOIN 6 News met along NW 23rd, said he believes cars should not be allowed in busy shopping and eating districts.

“This should be a pedestrian street and just bikers,” Manthey said. “There’d be way more people and the shop owners would love more foot traffic 5:46 this is what they find in European cities, it just becomes a better place to live.”

If you’re interested in the car selling/donation program and want to be contacted when it’s live, email commute@portlandoregon.gov.

PBOT is hosting a virtual open house until Sunday for Portlanders to voice their ideas on the program.