PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — After animal control says a woman was attacked by a pit bull while jogging last week, KOIN 6 News learned that the same dog has harmed at least one additional victim this year.

In February, Kara Bloom says she was walking her 11-year-old poodle mix Rocky in SE Portland when a pit bull attacked and badly injured him. Bloom describes Rocky as a chill, well-behaved, even-tempered dog who loves their daily morning walks through their southeast neighborhood.

Bloom says she had to take Rocky to the emergency vet where he had surgery because the pit bull punctured his lungs. Bloom says she wasn’t sure if Rocky would survive.

“My dog is dying. He was screaming. It was unbelievable. I was just terrified,” she said. “The worst part is the dog ended up staying out there and other people got hurt.”

Animal control confirmed that the pit bull in this attack is the same pit bull who attacked a local chef who was out for a morning run. The dog was taken to animal control after the incident, while police attempted to find the dog’s owner because according to police notes, the dog was being babysat by a man who overdosed on fentanyl.

A spokesperson from Multnomah County shared that Animal Services responded to the scene and took the dog, a pit bull named “Bubbie” into their custody.

It was then that authorities said the dog’s owner Jessie Miller, who said that he was houseless, and his mother Marie Miller appeared at the scene — Marie Miller said that she could hold the dog at her house in Camas, Washington.

Last Wednesday, Animal Services said when they checked on the dog’s whereabouts they discovered that Jessie Miller had gone to his mother’s home and taken the dog.

Bubbie and Jessie Miller are both still at large.

“We are working with local law enforcement to share information about Bubbie and his owner, in hopes that if they encounter them, law enforcement will alert us,” said