PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Planning a trip to the Pittock Mansion? You’ll have to wait until next month because it closes down for maintenance every January.

Pittock Mansion has a tradition of decorating for the holiday season. It leaves its popular Christmas display up from late November to early January.

Maintenance begins once the seasonal exhibit ends.

In a 2019 newsletter, mansion officials explained that the annual closure is necessary to deep clean and repair the building, and its artifacts, without having visitors present.

According to Pittock Mansion, there are three key things to keep in mind when cleaning an artifact.

  1. “Prevent further damage or deterioration by removing dust and dirt, protecting it from sunlight and curious hands, and sometimes hiring a conservator to stabilize the object.”
  2. “When possible, choose conservation approaches that are reversible.”
  3. “Balance maintaining the authenticity and history of a piece while also trying to present the house as it may have looked 100 years ago.”

Following the maintenance occurring in January, the mansion will welcome guests to a restored museum with the same artifacts that have attracted visitors for years. Along with the usual relics, the February reopening will also mark the opening of the “This Is Kalapuyan Land” exhibit.

The “This is Kalapuyan Land” exhibit will feature contemporary Indigenous art and historical panels. Read more about the event here.

2023 could bring on more newness for the mansion. In November, the CEO announced her plans for “Pittock 2.0”, which would give the campus an extensive makeover. She has yet to give further details on the multi-year plan.

People won’t be able to go inside the mansion until February, but the surrounding area with the amazing view of the Portland skyline is always there.