PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland’s historic house museum Pittock Mansion will soon be undergoing an extensive makeover, according to a message from its CEO who is launching “Pittock 2.0.”

Pittock 2.0 is a multi-year plan set out to modernize the museum and what it offers to visitors.

“This vision aims to transform the historic house museum into a dynamic cultural organization poised for continued growth and vitality,” Paula Gangopadhyay, who was announced as the Pittock Mansion Society’s CEO in May, said in the message. “I envision changing the paradigm in the historic house museum world by bringing Pittock Mansion forth as an innovative national model. There’s so much potential, and the timing is opportune.”

Gangopadhyay’s vision focuses on three Rs: Relevance, Revitalization and Reimagination.

According to the CEO, the Pittock Mansion has established a goal to feature more stories from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s that had a significant impact on American history.

The new and improved museum will, “adopt an interdisciplinary lens with our storytelling, connecting the related subjects and themes Pittock Mansion embodies, like art, architecture, horticulture, nature, and technology.”

Under this updated plan, Pittock Mansion’s collection of more than 7,000 artifacts will also be expanded to include some digital collection assets.

In addition, Gangopadhyay’s revitalization strategy will introduce two key concepts: the Pittock Campus that would offer operational activities across the Mansion, the Gate Lodge and the garage, and the Pittock Connections that would allow for more community engagement.

“Pittock Connections will be an integrated and holistic approach to community engagement. This will naturally extend the visitor experience beyond the onsite visit,” the CEO said. “A comprehensive digital resource development strategy, including a newly augmented website and digital platform, will allow us to bring Pittock’s collections and Portland stories to a much wider audience who may or may not be able to visit the venue.”

Lastly, the Pittock Mansion will undergo a rebranding which could mean unexpected partnerships and programs for the museum.

According to Gangopadhyay, the success of Pittock 2.0 is dependent on the preservation of the entire Pittock campus, fundraising efforts and stakeholder engagement.

“We can’t accomplish the Pittock 2.0 vision alone,” she said. “Please join us in spreading the word and engaging with us to learn more and share your ideas.”