Editor’s Note: The story initially reported an update that the agenda item was removed; it was removed from the consent agenda and moved to the general agenda, from which it was discussed on Wednesday. The vote on the agenda item will happen next week.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland City Council will vote on proposed funding for more private security at city buildings next week after discussing it on Wednesday.

The vote was initially planned for the council’s Wednesday morning consent agenda, but was then pulled, which meant it would be discussed and voted upon as a separate item.

The agenda item was discussed on Wednesday afternoon, and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty’s office confirms the vote will happen next week.

The city council is considering spending $4.2 million on its private security budget in an effort to better secure public properties. With crime still on the rise, the council said it needs to beef up security at city buildings and properties.

The city already has a budget of about $10.5 million, so the city is looking to bump that budget up to about $15 million.