PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Portland police have confirmed they are investigating threats posted on social media involving Franklin and Cleveland high schools.

While the schools are closed for spring break, families at both schools received a letter from the principals about the online threats.   

Franklin High School families were notified on Saturday about a threat made by one of the students on Snapchat against the school community. The district would not provide details but say the student will not be on campus while an investigation is underway.

Cleveland High School families were also notified on Saturday about a threat against members of another school, officials told KOIN 6 News.

The principals at both schools wrote in their family letters, “we take such threats very seriously. All district protocols are being followed, those include working with the Portland Police Bureau to investigate.”

Meanwhile, Portland school leaders, police and the mayor are still taking a look at whether to bring back school resource officers into Portland high schools. There is also a movement — including a petition with over 850 signatures — calling for school resource officers after shootings outside some Portland high schools.   

Portland police told KOIN 6 News they see social media threats against schools fairly often, but state they investigate each one and connect students and their families at times with mental health counselors and other resources.

Besides calling 911, if you think there is a threat of violence, authorities say you can reach out with an anonymous tip at safeoregon.com.