PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Protesters gathered outside the Multnomah County Justice Center to peacefully demonstrate Sunday afternoon for the fourth consecutive day.

In a poignant moment of protesters chanting, a row of Portland police officers knelt before the crowd in a show of solidarity. Demonstrators applauded the action. A few at the front of the crowd knelt as well. Many shook hands with officers.

“One by one, they all just took a knee and we all just took a knee with them,” said Lyfe Tavarres, who witnessed the emotional moment. “We’re not saying that that is the answer that we’re looking for, but that is a step, and we appreciated it.”

“About the looting—we don’t condone looting at all. We’re not violent, as you can see. We just want to keep the peace,” added Tavarres.

The protest continued on peacefully in the hours before Mayor Ted Wheeler’s city curfew went into effect for the second night.

Watch the full video of police kneeling with protesters: