PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland’s Secret Roller Disco is hosting a special, iceless skate event at the Lloyd Center ice rink on Aug. 10 from 7 to 9 p.m.

The one-night event was made possible by some “facility maintenance” that’s temporarily shut down the ice for a few weeks, the Lloyd Center stated on its website. With the rink drained, the local skate meet-up organization said that the mall has agreed to allow a one-night skate event on the rink’s “wonderfully smooth and dry” concrete.

“Holy moly, y’all,” the Secret Roller Disco social media pages state. “Thanks to our friends at Lloyd Center, we are being given a unique, one-night-only chance to roller skate on the ice rink right in the middle of the mall.”

While the Secret Roller Disco often encourages many different kinds of wheels at its events, Thursday’s meet-up will have stricter rules. No adult bicycles or motorized vehicles will be allowed. Additionally, all skateboards are required to remain grounded. Wheelchair users may have difficulty accessing the rink due to a 5-inch drop-off to enter the rink.

“Because of the lucky switch in locations, we are changing our weekly theme to ‘Ice,’” Secret Roller Disco said. “Come as the best polar creature, ice skating diva or special snowflake that you are.”

Because the event will be held after mall hours, the only open entrance will be located at the mall’s main south entrance near the spiral staircase. Drivers are encouraged to use the garage entrance at the intersection of Multnomah St. and 11th Ave.

The Lloyd Center states that the ice rink will reopen after the maintenance is completed on Aug. 14.