PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Wednesday marks the start of Leaf Day in Portland, and there are some things to know when the city comes by to cleanup the streets of debris.

Every year the Portland Bureau of Transportation identifies 52 leaf districts they say are dense with debris, which falls from trees blocking drains and makes it difficult for Portlanders to make their way down the streets.

Dylan Rivera with PBOT said this is a popular service the city does at least once every year, adding that the service makes things safer for all Portlanders.

“Accumulated leaves can be slippery not just for those driving, but for those biking and walking our streets, so it’s really important we pick up the leaves and sweep those,” said Rivera. “We get these fall storms with bouts of rain for days and weeks at a time. If we don’t pick up those leaves they can start to cause a lot of street flooding, clog storm drains, slick streets.”

Last year, officials with PBOT said they cleaned up 5,000 pounds of leaves with specialized equipment.

PBOT has already sent out brochures to those in leaf districts telling them when it is their turn to get their street swept.

Portlanders can also get emails and texts sent ahead of their specified sweep day.

There are some areas where the city will tow if it’s not moved for leaf day. To find out specifically where and when the city is cleaning, Portlanders can visit PBOT’s website.

Using the leaves it sweeps up, the city makes compost that can be bought from Sunderland Yard.