PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The City of Portland released its 2023 Leaf Day schedule online, reminding Portlanders to prepare for pickup and move their vehicles off the streets.

On Leaf Day, the Portland Bureau of Transportation sweeps 52 districts around the city to keep streets clean and storm drains clear.

The free Leaf Day sweeps start as early as November 11 in Southeast Portland and run through December.

Portland’s full 2023 Leaf Day schedule

The city reminds Portlanders to rake leaves they want to be picked up into the street one day before scheduled pickup and to leave one foot of space between the curb and the leaf pile so storm runoff can get to storm drains.

Portlanders are also required to move their vehicles ahead of scheduled pickup or face an $85 citation and a $241 tow fee. Residents can also sign up for email or text reminders for Leaf Day.

Once the leaves are collected, they are taken to PBOT’s Sunderland Yard facility to make compost which is used in community gardens or sold to the public, the city says.