PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With dozens of parks located in Portland, there’s one that’s standing out nationwide.

According to worldatlas.com, city parks are valuable places for citizens to gather, tourists to flock and for nature to thrive in contrast with the surrounding concrete and cars. Parks can be tranquil or full of excitement, added the website.

“They offer spaces to kick off your shoes and read a book, or maybe bust out a frisbee or go for a jog, or in the case of many of these big city sanctuaries, catch a show or take a tour,” said World Atlas. “The nice thing about city parks is that they are easily accessible and blend the best of what nature and fun-loving humans offer.”

On the list, you’ll find Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts and Central Park in New York City.

What about Oregon?

Forest Park in Portland was highlighted as the largest entry on the list at 5,156-acres.

“Over 70-miles of trails meander throughout this expansive refuge, a most rewarding network for anyone who wants to forget about the city for an afternoon, or get a different perspective on it from high above. The wildlife must also appreciate this protected space,” noted the website. “More than 112 species of birds and 62 species of mammals can be found along Forest Park’s 8-mile stretch of land.”