PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Police Bureau announced Friday it will not immediately identify the officer who killed a suspect in the most recent officer-involved shooting, citing concerns for the officer’s safety.

In a press release, PPB said threats were made against the officers involved in the three recent shootings and their families.

The bureau said an investigation into the threats revealed they were credible and PPB is continuing to look into alleged doxing.

The shooting in question happened Wednesday night outside a home on SE 126th Avenue and East Burnside. According to police, officers were responding to a call that someone was shooting a gun outside on a front lawn when an officer from the Focused Intervention Team fired their weapon, killing the suspect.

This was the third officer-involved shooting in Portland in a week and the second time the suspect died.

Over the weekend, another suspect — 19-year-old Johnathon Worth — was shot and killed by an officer while police were responding to an alleged fight.

In the surveillance video from Oregon Copwatch News, the suspect appears to pull out a gun and fire at the male officer. Then, the video appears to show the female officer taking out her gun and shooting the suspect on the ground six times from close range.

Early Tuesday morning, PPB reported that an officer shot at a suspect who tried to run them over, but the person managed to get away. Authorities said they don’t know if the suspect was injured from the officer’s shot.

Once PPB completes the investigation into the alleged doxing, the bureau says they “will reassess the security threat and will release the name of the officer involved in the shooting when the threat no longer exists.”

A spokesperson with PPB told KOIN 6 News, “The Bureau worked in conjunction with the City Attorney’s Office and the decision to not release the officer’s name was based on this doxing investigation.”