PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A trailer was recently stolen from Portland nonprofit Puplandia Dog Rescue. Now, the organization is asking the community for support in finding the trailer and replacing the goods that were inside.

Puplandia Dog Rescue is a nonprofit that helps Portlanders and their dogs by facilitating rescues, providing medical care, hosting food drives and more. Because many people look to the organization to keep their pets fed, both Puplandia Dog Rescue and Hazel’s House Rescue had been working diligently over the past few months to find a more permanent solution to providing for the pets and owners who need it most during the holidays.

“We’ve been working on this since really October and devised a plan on how we could help in a bigger impact than just when people message us and we send them food,” Brittany Hazel, Hazel’s House Rescue founder who is also on Puplandia’s board of directors, said.

Hazel says Puplandia ran an emergency pet food bank out of its trailer when the pandemic first started. The success of that food bank inspired her and Puplandia founder Brook Benson to open the same food bank outside of Vista Pet Hospital this December.

According to Hazel, the trailer had just been restocked with several bags of dog and cat food last Friday. On Sunday, a volunteer went to add donations to the trailer — and it wasn’t there.

Puplandia shared photos of the trailer on Instagram and said the theft had already been reported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s heartbreaking on two levels… that trailer is Puplandia’s lifeline when it comes to hauling stuff to events, to fundraisers to drop bottles and cans that they collect within the community. It is used monthly, weekly to do all of the things that they need to do or that we need to do.” Hazel said. “The other part that’s heartbreaking is these people stole from the community, because that food — we worked so hard to obtain with partnerships through several different pet shops. It is everything that was supposed to go to the community so that they didn’t have to worry about it this winter and this holiday season.”

Regardless of whether the original trailer is replaced, the nonprofit still needs a trailer to continue serving the community. Puplandia founder now has a GoFundMe up with a $6000 goal to replace the trailer and the estimated $2000 worth of dog food.

“The biggest thing right now is we really don’t want to let the bad guys win,” Hazel said.