PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — From its iconic carpet to its easy-to-navigate layout, the Portland International Airport is loved by many travelers. A recently released report reveals yet another reason to book your next flight out of Rose City.

For its ranking, Innerbody Research analyzed more than 6 million flights and considered the percentage of on-time departures and arrivals by carrier and airport, rate of canceled flights, common causes of delays by carrier, and complaints per 100,000 customers by carrier, among other metrics.

Based on these key metrics, the report found that PDX had the highest percentage of on-time departures of all U.S. airports, coming in at 84% of flights leaving on time. The report attributed PDX’s top ranking to its “convenience, accessibility, and commitment to customer service and efficiency.”

Salt Lake City International Airport and the San Antonio International Airport trailed behind, with 83.4% and 82.6% of their departures leaving on time, respectively.

Portland isn’t the only west coast city that doesn’t leave travelers waiting to start their trip. Four of the ten airports located on the west coast — Seattle-Tacoma International Airpor, San Francisco International Airport and San Diego International Airport — were determined to have at least 80% of their departing flights leave when scheduled.

On the flip side, Chicago Midway International Airport came in dead last with only 62.9% of the flights leaving from there on time.

Innerbody found air carrier delay, late arriving aircraft and the National Aviation System are the most common reason for re-scheduled flights

Innerbody noted it did not use data related to Southwest Airlines’ cancellation issues in 2022 as “a single month of poor performance can significantly impact an airline’s operations.”