PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Parks Foundation announced on Monday it estimates the restoration of the Thompson Elk Statue and fountain to cost $2 million.

PPF says that price tag includes the costs of the restoration, a new pump, reinstallation, along with street improvements. The foundation has also determined 18 of the 50 pieces making up the fountain need to be remade, including the fountain’s 5-foot-long troughs and its “most intricately carved ornaments.”

Th expected street upgrades will allow a viewing area for the iconic statue to be added. Further, officials plan to make that area accessible to wheelchairs in two areas.

“The design provides a refuge for people and it better protects the fountain from vehicles,” said Rachel Edmonds of MIG, adding it “also creates a sense of place around the fountain using historically compatible materials.”

The foundation is waiting to learn how much of that cost will be covered by insurance and what the city will pitch in. Contributions can also be made toward restoration costs at PPF’s website.

The entire elk statue was removed from Southwest Main Street in July of 2020 after it was damaged during protests. Several fires were lit in the fountain’s trough — destroying part of the granite. Both pieces have been in storage since.

There isn’t an exact timeline for the full reconstruction to be complete, but in February the City of Portland said the Elk Statue could be returned by fall 2022.