PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Reviving and recovering Portland’s downtown means transforming who spends time in the heart of the Rose City, according to a new report.

The report, commissioned by the mayor’s office, shows that the areas of Portland’s city center that are growing are the areas where people live, not where people work.

The city doesn’t plan on completely giving up on office workers and employees in downtown Portland, but they admit that relying on office space isn’t going to be viable for the long term future.

The report broke down the city into three areas: places like downtown and Old Town that need reinvestment in the face of a large decrease in employers and employees, areas that need reinvigoration like the West End and Central East Side and areas where lifestyles should be recognized because employers and employees have been stable in the last two years, or even increasing, like the Pearl District and South Waterfront.

One thing common in all areas of the central city: a feeling of safety is key.

“We hear in every stakeholder meeting about real and perceived concerns about public safety and it affects whether people want to come back to the office, whether people want to come down to shows or whether people choose to come out,” said Eric Zimmerman, City of Portland Policy Advisor. “Downtown has been busier on Wednesdays and weekends than before the pandemic.”