PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland-based ice cream chain Salt & Straw is melting south into Las Vegas where the company said it will be opening a new location.

The scoop shop told KOIN 6 News tourists can cool down with the frozen dessert starting sometime in 2023. The chain did not release a specific date for the opening.

Salt & Straw has multiple locations stretching along the west coast and even a couple in Florida.

New Halloween flavors are coming to Salt & Straw. | Credit: Salt & Straw

Much like Las Vegas, Salt & Straw has been popularized for being unique and outside the box. The chain continues to shock its customers with new, funky flavors dropping each month.

In October, the shop released its Halloween “Ice SCREAM” series. From pumpkin bread to licorice to real life creep crawlies, the flavors featured are fit for the fall season.