Shoppers recount manic episode inside Portland Nordstrom


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Shoppers inside the Nordstrom in downtown Portland were forced to take cover after a man allegedly threatened customers and threw merchandise around, according to witnesses.

Makenzie Blythe was spending part of her weekend shopping, but her trip to Nordstrom was cut dramatically short after a man came rampaging through the store.

“Witnessed a gentleman come in and just completely push over the entire entry and just reckless shatter of glass and everything,” she said.

Other witnesses reported that he started throwing perfume bottles in the cosmetics area, sending glass shattering everywhere. Many dove for cover behind whatever counters and displays they could find.

“Everyone piled in the back room and I hopped behind the counter at Gucci on the floor,” Blythe said.

Blythe was on the floor no more than a minute when she began to devise a safe exit.

“Just like stay low, don’t be seen, trying to stay safe as possible,” she said.

Then she made a dash for safety in the back room with others.

Levi Rachford was also at Nordstrom with his mother when chaos ensued.

“I guess the security told us to get to or follow them up almost to the top of the building essentially into a break room or lunchroom that’s a safe area,” he said.

Rachford said staff swiftly got customs to safety.

“Everybody knew the safety precautions and they knew where to get us essentially and then once we were there we just waited until security told us everything was OK and they had removed the man from the building,” he said.

Portland Police Bureau reported that at least one person was injured as they were running for safety.

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