PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland’s charter commission is taking in new public feedback, and that means listening to Portlanders who are voicing concerns about environmental justice and other issues.

During a public information session earlier this month, participants said they had concerns with the changing climate. They suggested a subcommittee should address the issue.

A few members of the commission agreed with the consideration.

“That’s definitely something that the commissioners – I don’t want to speak for everyone – are interested in,” said Sofía Álvarez-Castro, the commission’s engagement and communications coordinator. “Incorporating climate change and climate justice into the current work.”

However, the commission is focusing on the city’s form of government and city council elections. There are currently subcommittees on both topics now underway.

“By focusing on these for now, it gives time for community to come up to date and get any folks we haven’t engaged with or don’t know what charter is,” said Álvarez-Castro.

She added that new subcommittees will be announced early next year.

The city is also in contract negotiations with a Portland-based organization called, Coalition of Communities of Color. It would possibly provide community engagement and education regarding the charter review process.

Álvarez-Castro said there’s no word on when the negotiations will end.