PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Several trails at Tryon Creek State Natural Area, one of the closest state parks to Portland, will close temporarily in March and April to allow crews to remove hazardous trees. 

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said this tree removal will make the park safer for visitors. Crews will cut down about 250 dead or dying trees that are at risk of falling. The closures begin Tuesday, March 14. 

The 658-acre park will remain open during the tree removal project. Officials said most of the work will occur near the nature center, the parking area close to Terwilliger Boulevard and along several high-use trails.  

The amount of time it takes to complete the project will depend on weather and other factors, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said. Officials hope to have all trails open during spring break. 

The trails affected by the closures include Middle Creek Trail, Maple Ridge Trail, Center Trail, Big Fir Trail, Old Main Trail, Trillium Trail, the bike path, and North Horse Loop. 

Officials said they will not remove all of the snags – what they call dead and dying trees – because they provide habitat for forest creatures. 

The last time a tree-removal project like this occurred at Tryon Creek State Natural Area was in 2011. The park has reported that dangerous trees like the ones that will be removed have injured people and caused property damage to vehicles, fences, and houses.